Present at APASO 2020!

DEADLINE for proposals was January 15, 2020.

APASO’s national conference is three days of networking, professional development, and arts administrative workshops with the most innovative local arts service organizations in the nation.

APASO began almost 30 years ago when a group of organizations providing services to their arts communities got together to share their experiences as a way of learning from each other. Today, APASO is a national association that includes cross-disciplinary nonprofit arts service organizations, performing arts service organizations, and cultural alliances from all across the country. We share many common goals, and many common passions drive our work.

We are seeking the following kinds of proposals:

  • Workshops & masterclasses
  • Films
  • Speakers
  • Short do-it-anywhere Performances or Visual artworks/installations
  • Dine-around topics

Around the themes of:

  • Developing the Next Generation of Arts Leaders
  • Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Access; Race, Gender, Disability, and the Practical Applications of This Work
  • Sustainability; New Funding for ASOs
  • Technical Assistance for Arts Organizations
  • Cultural Displacement
  • Audience Development
  • Addressing Sexual Harassment at Arts Organizations
  • Professional Development for Arts Administrators
  • Membership; Surveying, Engaging, and Maintaining Active Participants

Speaker & Presenter Compensation

Speakers and presenters at APASO 2020 will be compensated for their time either in paid stipends or attendance assistance.

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