APASO Values

At APASO, we are looking for presenters to share resources and in-field findings with the cohort for the purpose of group learning. We operate ASOs all over the world, but we strengthen each of our communities when we share our work – no one knows everything, but together we know a lot.


We are our own best advocates. We promote actionable strategies to better the ways we serve our communities and take care of ourselves.


We must actively work to dismantle systems of oppression in our institutions and organizations. We are always looking for new ways to combat racism, white supremacy, ableism, ageism, elitism, homophobia, and prejudice.

Data Literacy

Artists and creatives aren’t always numbers people, but knowledge is power, and keeping audience and organizational data can be the best way to build institutional knowledge.


What is the future of arts service organizations? How can we best prepare our organizations for the changing world?


We are colleagues and partners in service. We endeavor to promote friendship, collaboration, and resource-sharing across our sector. No one knows everything, but together we know a lot.