Ashley Walden Davis

Managing Director, Alternate ROOTS
Ashley, a North Carolina native, is an arts administrator, theater manager, mommy and wife with an affinity for working with community. Ashley lives in Georgia with her husband and son. Currently, Ashley is an Association of Performing Arts Presenters (APAP) Leadership Fellow. Ashley is also a founding leader of the Next Generation National Arts Network, a coalition of artists and administrators from all over the United States who have set out to chart the course for being the future leaders of the arts field.

She holds a Master of Fine Arts Degree in Producing from the California Institute of the Arts and a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Studies from Old Dominion University. Ashley previously worked with Cornerstone Theater Company, Towne Street Theater, Virginia Stage Company and Elizabeth River Theater Company and served on the Board of Directors of Appalshop.

Some honors include Theater Communications Group (TCG) New Generations: Future Leaders Grant, Cornerstone Theater Company Paula Altvater Fellowship, LA Stage Alliance Ovations Fellowship and Arena Stage Fellowship.