Jordana Fraider


Programs Director, National New Play Network

A lifetime patron and practitioner of theatre, Jordana Fraider is grateful to serve as Programs Director for National New Play Network, as well as performance dramaturg, dialogue facilitator, and social justice advocate. As a theater-maker, Jordana is passionate about expanding the role of the audience in theater practice, as well as identifying and eliminating barriers to participation in professional, theatrical performance spaces (broadly defined). When she’s not traveling around the country to see new plays, and meet with playwrights and theater makers dedicated to transforming the American Theatre with new stories and voices, you’ll probably find her at a local farmer’s market, pursuing another passion: good food and the people that produce it. Jordana brings experience in program management and evaluation, strategic planning, and event production to her role at NNPN, where she arrived in 2015 after two years in contemporary visual art at CONNERSMITH gallery. Now based in Los Angeles, Jordana previously lived, worked, and practiced in Washington, DC, where she served on the board of the small grant-making foundation, the Diverse City Fund, completed her graduate degree in Arts Management at American University, and developed her skills as a facilitator and dramaturg in the DC theater scene.